Music, sound, and voiceover for your media projects.


Nothing is more "sticky" than a great soundtrack! Music can stay on people's minds morning, day, and night, eyes opened or closed. And the best part - music can help connect your projects to your audience years and even decades later. (I still think about the Sega Genesis' version of Battletoad's Ice Cavern theme from time to time!)

Invest in music for your projects. Set the right tone and experience how music can evoke a myriad of emotions for your audience. Get original music that's custom tailored for your projects, license pre-existing music, or have me customize pre-existing music for the best of both worlds!
Sound Design
Sound design is a great immersion tool. It can be critical when creating cohesive, unique and memorable stories or experiences. Unfortunately, it can be quite time-consuming and difficult to find, record, or make the right sounds for the job. And, if a project's sounds are sourced from varying resources, they might not meld well with each other, or the other existing audio elements, causing an overall negative experience for your audience.

Don't let distracting sound design take your audience out of the experience you've worked hard to create. Instead, let's create a soundscape that truly allows your audience to set foot and live in the moments your projects provide. I've crafted hundreds of sounds (and soundscapes) for various projects. Let's make your sound design as polished as possible!
With its wide spectrum of personalities, accents, and delivery, the human voice can take your project from good to great. (To be fair, robot and alien voices might also have a strong impact! ;D) And although finding the right voice can be a struggle, it doesn't have to be.

Whether it's video narration, in-game dialogue, or character voicebytes, let's discuss details of your project and see if my voice (or team of voice actors) can help your project shine as you envision!
Here are a few playlists reflecting commonly requested audio work. Please note that I'm well capable of creating music, sound, and voiceover outside of these demos. So if you're looking for something specific, contact me!

Epic Orchestral to Expressive Cinematic
Electronica, Rock, Metal, and Horror
Light Fun and Casual Games
Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Chill
SFX and VO

As early as 7 years old I was jamming on stage doing Bell Biv DeVoe covers. Back then my involvement with music was simply finding the beat to groove to. I had no clue that I’d forever connect with music on such an intimate level.

I picked up the bass in middle school and have been playing ever since. Beginning at such an early age gave me great opportunities to learn and grow as a musician, including attending an orchestral workshop at Harvard. In high school I toured Europe with the Kinkaid School band, was selected for the Virtuosi of Houston and American Festival of the Arts, and served as the Principal Double Bass of the TPSMEA orchestra.

At the renowned music college of the University of North Texas, I began producing hip-hop and R&B music while studying classical music theory and aural skills, and taking part in the Men’s Chorus, Symphonic Band and Lab Band. Serving as a recording studio engineer at UNT's College of Music, I learned many technologies that help in my audio endeavors.

I continue to be an avid musician whose musical melodies interrupt my sleep to become realized. I create with passion and research, and you can rest assured that your music, sound, and voiceover needs will be met.


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